Tracking with GPS VOX

VOX (voice operated switch) – technology which allows to detect any type of sound (voice, noise). It is used to turn on/off specific equipment when sound is detected. VOX is widely used in voice recorders, smartphones, GPS tracking devices, security equipment, hidden cameras or any other equipment which may require control using sound.

VOX is automatic and does not require to be switched on/off manually, it allows to control device using voice or any other sound.

Technology is used in GPS tracking area. GPS trackers with GPSVOX feature onboard allow to start/stop tracking simply by using sound. GPSVOX helps to use energy efficiently, device will operate only when it is needed. Most GPS VOX circuits have a sensitivity adjustment. GPSVOX circuit includes delay mechanism which keeps circuit on during short sound stops, to eliminate turning off possibility during pauses in speech. 

Also GPSVOX has downside, unwanted VOX triggering can occur due to background noise, heavy breathing or a side conversation. And opposite, it may not activate if noise or speech is too weak.

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