Taxi and rental cars tracking

Improve your business quality, make it more competitive with GPS tracking system. Stay informed about location of your company cars. GPS tracking system gives full control, track vehicle location, monitor fuel consumption, route, engine idle time, control vehicles remotely. Especially system is useful for taxi, rental, logistic companies.

Benefits of using a GPS tracking system

Know exact location of company cars, stay notified about driver behavior, speeding, entrance to unauthorized routes, prevent possible company property theft intent. Track tens, hundreds or thousands vehicles live, at the same time.

Save money with GPS tracking system

Control fuel, maintenance and increase income by improving company productivity using GPS tracking system. GPS tracking system will save money by helping you make informed choices that will improve your businesses competitiveness. When you use a GPS tracking device for taxis and rental cars, you can:

  • Track and prevent vehicles from being stolen;
  • Avoid traffic by choose direct routes;
  • Choose more efficient routes to save fuel;
  • Monitor employees work;
  • Control cars remotely.

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