How to choose best GPS tracking system

There are tons of different companies who offer GPS tracking systems and services, each company tells how great their product is. Without enough experience in this area, it is quite difficult to find good product. If you won’t choose the right company to work with, at the beginning, in the future you will lose money, clients and confidence.

Each time you migrate from one service provider to another will cause many troubles to you and especially to your clients. We will explain how to choose GPS tracking system and which aspects are mandatory.

Requirements, which will work for you, not against you:

  • White label GPS tracking system
  • Support of most popular GPS trackers and option to integrate new devices
  • Mobile apps for phone location tracking and mobile client
  • Multilingual interface
  • History
  • Events system with SMS support
  • Reports system
  • Device sensors support
  • Remote device control
  • Geofences
  • Points of interest

White label GPS tracking system

White label allows to brand software under your company logo, domain, company name and details so it will look like a unique product.

Supported GPS trackers

More different brand devices are supported, more clients you will have. Choose tracking system which is closely compatible with most popular (cheap, mid-quality and pro class) devices. If some devices are not supported, there should be an option to integrate them. Make sure there are no limits for tracking system extensibility.

Phone location tracking apps

Application market for smartphones is very important and takes a big part in business. Modern tracking system must be compatible with mobile applications to suit client needs and cover larger customer base. GPS tracking system should have two basic types of apps – phone location tracking and mobile client (mobile version of software to access user account with ease).

Phone (smartphone) location tracking is very important in GPS tracking business – almost all people nowadays have smartphones. One of the most popular and convenient way to track object location is by using smartphone, no need for additional expenses on hardware, install phone location tracking app and you are ready to go. Phone location app sends device location data to remote server. Mobile tracking apps are mandatory and inseparable part of GPS tracking system.

Multilingual GPS tracking system

Multilingual software with ability to add and modify languages. Additional languages will ensure wider client range for your GPS tracking business.

Object location tracking history

Object location history shows all data which server has received from GPS trackers for particular period of time. Software records all possible information received from GPS tracker, such as speed, time, location, altitude, stops, reports, events, etc. History is displayed in different ways: visually on the map, in a graph or html/xls format. GPS tracking system should save data for a long period of time. For some customers, huge advantage is to recall history of a month or even a year.

Events system with SMS support

Events are used to trigger actions by important or disruptive activities. Customer will get instant SMS/email notifications triggered by different event types. Notification will be triggered if tracking device lost connection, car doors were opened, engine started and much more. Notification can be triggered almost by any action.

Reports system

Generate reports about trips, fuel monitoring, driving activity, activity in particular zone or route. Important system part which will help to analyze big amount of data of entire vehicle group. Export reports or send them instantly to email addresses in html/pdf/xls format.


Almost all GPS trackers have inputs, outputs and sensors support. Sensors must be supported by GPS tracking system, otherwise you won’t be able to use all functionality of GPS trackers. Most of trackers works with fuel level or temperature sensor to monitor vehicle fuel consumption, fuel fillings, engine oil or refrigerator temperature. Also sensors detect battery voltage, iButton and RFID values and more.

Control GPS trackers remotely

Communication between GPS trackers and GPS tracking system can be controlled remotely. Properly connected device can start or turn off engine, close windows, control lights, etc…


With geofences create a virtual perimeter on geographic areas which have specific interest for customer. The main reason to have geofences is to control whether the units stays within it or not, so that when the geofencing unit enters or exits the area customer will get notification.

Point of interest

POI (Points of Interest) – mark important or useful places with markers, write name, description. Useful feature which customers will love and use a lot. tracking system has all those bells and whistles, contact us and we will help to start successful GPS tracking business.

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