How to choose a GPS tracker?

GPS trackers (GPS tracking devices) and GPS location technologies are becoming more popular each day. GPS trackers can help improve personal safety, or business efficiency. There are many ways how GPS trackers can be used, device should be chosen for each individual purpose and situation. If you’re considering the purchase of a GPS tracking device for personal or business use, we recommend to read tips below.

GPS tracking device should be visible or hidden?

One of the most important thing is to decide whether you want others to know you are using a GPS tracker or not.  Mostly people use GPS tracking devices which can be hidden inside vehicles or other transport so children or employees won’t know about presence of such device.

Hidden GPS trackers should have extended battery life or must be connected to external power source to ensure stable work without interruptions and less need of maintenance. For quick installation, you can choose GPS trackers equipped with magnet, it allows to install device in the blink of an eye where no one will expect to find it. Specific, hidden GPS trackers will cost more than standard GPS tracking devices.

If device visibility is not mandatory, you can choose a less expensive personal GPS tracking unit which can be stored in any place of your car, door or glove box and charged every few days.  Standard GPS tracking devices are more affordable and can be used for personal or commercial use. Price may start at 20 USD, but keep in mind that cheapest devices won’t guaranty stable and precise tracking.

Choose GPS tracker which will suit your needs

As you may expect, each GPS tracking device has different features. Cheapest devices will have less features and vice versa. You should thoroughly study device capabilities before you buy, because later you might realize that some important and useful features are missing.

Decide how often do you want GPS tracking device to report the location of the vehicle? GPS tracking devices when used with GPS tracking software are capable of reporting in intervals from every few hours or minutes up to instant, real-time updates. Location data packets can be sent according to set period of time or react to angle of device. Usually, speed and frequency of reporting directly affect device price, better quality and performance – higher device price.

Environment where GPS tracker will be used is also important, you can choose standard or waterproof GPS tracker.

Importance of GPS tracker quality

Budget GPS trackers are made of cheap electric components, they have weaker signal reception, less accurate coordinates, might work unstable, requires periodical restart or even reset. Such devices have limited features and should not be used for commercial or liable purpose. Be aware that market is full of fake/clone devices. To get genuine device and warranty we recommend to contact well known GPS tracking device manufacturers, they will assure that you get what you pay for.

GPS tracker compatibility with GPS tracking software

With GPS tracking software GPS tracker becomes very powerful tool. Each GPS tracking software/platform supports particular device models. Before you buy tracking device, make sure that it is compatible with your favorite tracking software.

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