Prevent car from being stolen

We all know that property safety is very important and there will never be too much care over it. Thousands of vehicles are being stolen every single day, but you can prevent attempts to steal car, truck or bike just by using GPS tracking device.

GPS tracking to prevent auto theft

When it comes to car protection from stealing, most of the people consider car alarm as the best and the only way of protection.  In reality, for experienced car thief it might take around 30 to 40 seconds to disable alarm.  We recommend to protect your car not only using car alarm system, but also GPS tracking device.  While thief knows precisely how to disable alarm, GPS tracking device is left hidden and thief should not even expect its presence. GPS tracker might greatly improve possibility to find stolen car by helping the Police to locate and recover it in matter of minutes before car is lost forever.

Be aware when crime happens, track vehicle location

By using event system in software, you can be notified if vehicle ignition was turned on or object left particular zone. With GPS tracker and GPS tracking system you will be sure that your property is safe and in place where it supposed to be. Draw zones around place you usually park your car, work or home, and you will receive notification every time when car leaves predefined area. With push notifications on your smartphone, alarms are received instantly.

Put GPS tracker to car, truck, bike, scooter, boat or any other moving object, connect it to GPS tracking system and monitor every action. GPS tracking system will notify you via SMS and email about tow, signal loss, open doors, engine on and much more. Car can be controlled remotely if you notice any suspicious actions.

One of the easiest ways to track your vehicle is by using OBD GPS tracker, easy to configure, simple to connect. You are only 10 minutes away from fully working configuration. Reliable OBD trackers are more expensive, but you can choose from more than 800 popular GPS trackers, which are supported by our GPS tracking software. Choose the best GPS tracker according to your needs.

Get your car back

Most important thing: with help of tracking system, police should be able to find your vehicle in no time, before vehicle will be damaged or disassembled for parts. Numerous thieves have been arrested and many stolen cars were retrieved to legal owners with help of GPS technology.

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