Phone location tracking

Innovations in mobile phone industry opened great opportunities to browse internet, record videos, take photos, share information and use advantages of GPS technology. Modern smartphones have integrated GPS modules which are used to detect phone location. GPS location tracking is very useful feature which is mostly used by navigation applications to help reach predefined destination or find route to particular location. Over time, GPS phone location is used for more purposes. Not only to navigate but to increase device and even owner safety and security.

To use all benefits of phone location tracking, device must be connected to web service where phone will be monitored. See exact phone location, get reports and notifications. No special equipment needed, track phone location on map with phone tracking application. Phone tracking apps are available for Android and iOS devices. Visit getting started to track your smartphone.

Phone tracking benefits

  • Find lost phone
  • Track kids location
  • Track vehicle location
  • Track phone secretly
  • Collect information while riding bike or running
  • Get instant notifications
  • Get detailed reports
  • No need in additional equipment
  • Tracking history


Web service which collects phone location data allows to see live location, route length, highest, lowest and average speed, stops during trip, get SMS and email notifications. Phone tracking app especially useful for elderly people and kids. Tracking application has SOS button which instantly triggers event to notify family members or parents about any possible threat, so they can take immediate actions. Such a simple, but clever mobile application can help protect property and family members.

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