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View object real time location and monitoring sensors using widgets, manage history and reports, receive notifications about important events, remote device control, set custom billing, Android and iOS mobile phone tracking applications, multilingual interface, API access, 800+ closely supported GPS devices.

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Reliable solutions for business and personal use

  • Personal account

    Personal tracking account

    Solution is designed for personal, vehicle or mobile phone tracking and management. Account allows to see precise object location live via web browser, instantly view historical tracks and get notifications about events which require your immediate attention, generate various reports, control devices remotely and much more.

    GPS tracking system is easy to use, mobile friendly, has intuitive user interface and is designed to communicate with a wide variety of GPS devices (trackers), including smartphones and tablets.

What GPS tracking software is?

GPS tracking software is a complex monitoring system, designed to collect vehicle and mobile phone location data and visualize it on map. Tracking device usage becomes very simple and convenient, all records are available in real time, data is saved to database and can be accessed any time in the future. Trackers send various information, such as coordinates, speed, altitude, angle, iButton, RFID and other sensor parameters. Connected sensors allows to see vehicle fuel level, temperature, door state (open/closed), etc... Most fleet tracking platforms can control devices remotely to turn on/off ignition or do particular task through device connected to vehicle system.

Wide variety of compatible devices is a huge advantage for any GPS tracking system. Many companies are supporting not only regular trackers which can be mounted in vehicle, but also mobile phone tracking apps for Android, iPhone and other popular platforms. Mobile phone tracking app is a great tool to watch family members or just find location of lost phone.

Most important feature for any fleet tracking platform is e-mail, SMS and push notification system, which informs customer about different actions. Stay informed if vehicle entered/left zone or route, exceeded speed limit or driver has changed. GPS tracking system has many uses to get all possible information about person, vehicle or fleet.

All these tools help improve business efficiency, ensure property security and family members safety. There are hundreds of different tracking services where functionality, quality and prices varies a lot. Especially GPS tracking service should be chosen with extra care to get most of it. Do not chase after lowest price, if you get poor quality service you might loose money or your beloved people will be in danger and you won't be notified on time to take immediate actions.

Hosted software

Hosted software is a cloud-based SAAS (Software as a Service) solution commonly used by companies managing large fleets or starting a GPS tracking business.

GPS tracking business is quite difficult and it is not easy to get into it, most companies who offer alternative vehicle tracking products, are strictly limiting functionality to hold customers and get as much profit as possible.

Our company's goal is to help customers run successful tracking business and get more while spending less. We offer software which gives absolute freedom, no restrictions or obligations. Powerful and easy to use GPS tracking system.

You will get ready to go white label GPS tracking software (cloud) installed and prepared with your company name, logo and domain in less than 24 hours.

System has all important features: modern web application with user friendly interface and advanced features, mobile version and phone tracking applications, API which allows development of third party applications. GPS tracking software is compatible with more than 800 GPS devices.

We constantly improve software functionality and performance to provide the best user experience.

Our software serves for thousands of customers who are successfully running GPS tracking business all over the world. Contact us and we will help to start up.

Mobile phone tracking apps

Use your smartphone as GPS tracking device