School bus tracking

A school bus tracking system gives ability to monitor exact location of buses, how carefully they are being driven, collect information about passenger entrance and exit, route, stops, idle time, speed and much more.

With school bus tracking solution improve on-time performance and increase safety. School bus tracking gives access to reports, history, notifications, driver behavior. Analyzing driver behavior is very important to school bus companies, children’s safety and security is the most important. Receive notifications when bus arrives to school territory or excessive speed and aggressive driving was detected.

Bus tracking is useful for school managers, parents and kids. School managers will monitor bus route, speed, amount of passengers in bus. Parents will know if their kids are present in bus and what is exact bus location, when bus arrives to school, etc… With additional equipment, GPS tracker and RFID/iButton reader passengers can be recorded in system for further analysis.

GPS tracking system has many useful features. Each bus should be equipped with GPS tracker to build safer and brighter future.

School bus tracking benefits

  • Make sure that bus operators are driving safely and cautiously;
  • Receive e-mail/SMS notifications related to specific task;
  • Save fuel by reducing idling time;
  • Analyze bus routes and change inefficient ones to increase on-time performance;
  • Change bus stops to increase efficiency;
  • Monitor passengers using RFID/iButton reader.

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