Teltonika GPS trackers

What is Teltonika?

Teltonika is one of the biggest and most innovative satellite monitoring device manufacturer in the world. With many awards for best product, best technological company and sector leader winner.  Company offices are present worldwide, in countries like: China, India, Canada, Pakistan, Chile. Teltonika products are sold worldwide, in 150 different countries.

History of Teltonika

Teltonika started as a small company in year 1998 with the headquarters in Lithuania. In 20 years of ambitious work, team became leading manufacturer of geolocation solutions with over 750 employees worldwide. Since the beginning, Teltonika sold over 7 000 000 devices, which is remarkable.


Currently Teltonika offers over 100 devices for portable object tracking. GPS trackers can be split in to 3 categories:

Personal tracking devices are autonomous personal trackers with GNSS, GSM and Bluetooth connectivity. They are designed for people, pets, car monitoring, employees control, sport events, etc. IP67 waterproof case ensures outside usage in harsh conditions, moreover large battery capacity expands usage range where long battery lifetime is needed. In addition to that, devices support hands-free, SOS, Shock and other great features.

Easy Trackers this type of devices are designed as plug and play trackers with GNSS, GSM and Bluetooth, OBD connectivity. They are perfectly suitable for light vehicle tracking in applications like courier delivery service, car rental & leasing, insurance telematics and many other where simple integration is a must.

Advanced trackers small and professional devices with internal high gain GSM and GNSS antennas, which are able to collect coordinates and other useful data, and transfer it via GSM network to server. Those devices perfectly suits for applications where advanced features are needed: fleet management, car rental companies, taxi companies, public transport, logistics companies, personal cars and so on. GPS trackers are capable to perform multiple tasks, like monitoring engine status, control door status, fuel pump, ignition, oil, engine or fridge temperature, iButton and RFID, collision, theft, read CAN data, etc… Such advanced tracking devices will help to monitor every possible aspect.

Teltonika products quality

Company offers hi-end, thoroughly tested and feature rich products. Teltonika products are well known worldwide, they offer all possible features you may ever need.

Teltonika and

We are collaborating with Teltonika, devices are closely supported by GPS tracking system. Teltonika devices in combination with software is a powerful and scalable solution, which allows to monitor from single object to entire fleet of trucks, cars and cargo.

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