Common GPS tracking device problems

GPS tracker is a great tool to monitor object location and get other useful information, but it might not work as expected out of the box. Before using device, always read device manual, it contains important information which will help to properly configure device.

If you do not own GPS tracking device yet, but looking for suitable option, we recommend to read our article on how to choose a GPS tracker. If after device configuration you still experience issues, please check answers to most common problems below.

Basic requirements to ensure stable work of GPS tracking devices:

  1. Good quality GPS signal.
  2. Properly configured APN according to SIM card provider requirements.
  3. SIM card has enough credit for SMS and GPRS.
  4. To connect device to tracking server, make sure correct IP and PORT is used.
  5. While connecting device to GPS tracking server, GPS device time zone must be set to 0 UTC, otherwise it will show incorrect time or event won’t work.

GPS device is not very accurate in giving location

Accuracy problems are usually caused weak GPS signal, in most cases it happens because GPS antenna is not able to establish good signal. Weak signal can be related to not properly positioned antenna, surrounding which blocks signal (tall buildings, tunnels, garage, underground parking lot) or low quality device. To improve signal strength, put antenna or GPS tracking device to more visible place where it will have better access to the sky.

Sudden location jumps or movement even if device is placed still

It is caused by weak GPS signal. Make sure that device GPS antenna has good reception. Mostly such issues appear with cheap devices, if location accuracy is crucial, always choose high quality devices.

Example of how those jumps might look

Travel route incorrectly displayed and looks like a mess of lines

If you are using GPS tracking server and while loading history you experience alternative problem, it might be caused by incorrect time zone settings.

All GPS devices must send data in 0 UTC timezone (except mobile devices using GPS Tracker application).

  1. Set 0 UTC timezone on GPS device side (see GPS device manual).
  2. Set 0 UTC timezone in GPS device accuracy settings.
  3. Set correct timezone in account settings.
  4. Clear object history.



  1. Ensure that temperature where tracker operates is optimal and allowed by device manufacturer. Keep GPS tracking device away from direct sunlight, or any place which is over-heated or over-cooled.
  2. GPS Tracker, as any other electronic device needs to be handled with care, according to manufacturer manual.
  3. Protect device from dust and liquids, unless device is waterproof and allows to do so.

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