Small GPS tracker

Fast growing interest in GPS tracking technology forces manufacturers to expand variety of equipment to fit demanding requirements of the society.

More people begin to see GPS tracking technology as a useful tool for personal needs.

Personal GPS tracker generally must be a very compact for easy carrying in a pocket, backpack or a bag. Usually, GPS trackers have only a few buttons like power and SOS. Small GPS tracking device is a great choice to track kids and elders.

What is personal GPS tracker?

Personal GPS tracker is a small device used to know the exact object location.

How it works?

GPS device has internal antennas, battery, SOS button, GPS and mobile network modules. By pressing SOS button, relatives will be notified about the exact location to take immediate actions. If connected to GPS server, live location can be seen on the map.

How to choose personal GPS tracker?

Market offers hundreds of device models, but not all deserve to be chosen. We recommend Teltonika products due to features, reliability and build quality. If you are looking for the quality, the best in class personal GPS tracker is Teltonika TMT250.

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