on 05 September 2018.
Parent’s worst nightmare is abduction or if child gets lost, here GPS tracking becomes especially useful. GPS tracker for kids is a must have tool to know exact child location, it will help to work with abductions, wandering, or
on 06 July 2018.
What is Teltonika? Teltonika is one of the biggest and most innovative satellite monitoring device manufacturer in the world. With many awards for best product, best technological company and sector leader winner.  Company offices are present worldwide, in countries
on 04 July 2018.
If you are owner or related to business where vehicles are involved, GPS tracking system will definitely improve daily experience. To eliminate unnecessary headache, keep an eye on vehicles which are being used by employees. GPS tracking system gives
on 12 June 2018. GPS tracking system allows to monitor ships, boats or other vessel location. Boat tracking has number of benefits which can improve business quality or daily usage. Track boat to collect route data, fuel consumption (if applicable), receive important
on 17 May 2018.
VOX (voice operated switch) – technology which allows to detect any type of sound (voice, noise). It is used to turn on/off specific equipment when sound is detected. VOX is widely used in voice recorders, smartphones, GPS tracking devices,
on 10 August 2017.
GPS trackers (GPS tracking devices) and GPS location technologies are becoming more popular each day. GPS trackers can help improve personal safety, or business efficiency. There are many ways how GPS trackers can be used, device should be chosen
on 04 July 2017.
Improve your business quality, make it more competitive with GPS tracking system. Stay informed about location of your company cars. GPS tracking system gives full control, track vehicle location, monitor fuel consumption, route, engine idle time, control vehicles
on 23 June 2017.
A school bus tracking system gives ability to monitor exact location of buses, how carefully they are being driven, collect information about passenger entrance and exit, route, stops, idle time, speed and much more. With school bus tracking

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