SMS Gateway

Convert Android mobile device to SMS Gateway with application which can be downloaded from here.

How to start using my mobile device as SMS Gateway?

  • Download SMS Gateway application from here;
  • Install and start application on your device;
  • Make sure Internet connection is activated on device;
  • In SMS Gateway application go to "Settings" and select correct "Server" where your account was created;
  • Set SMS Gateway identifier in application "Settings". Identifier can be found in your account "Setttings/SMS";
  • Click "Start SMS Gateway" in GPS Gateway application.

Application settings

  • Server - select server where your account was created;
  • SMS Gateway identifier - 20 character long identifier used to identify SMS Gateway, it can be found in your account "Setttings/SMS";
  • SMS check interval - time period after which application is checking for new SMS messages to send;
  • Number filter - if set for example to +370 it will allow to send SMS messages to numbers which start with country code +370;
  • Total sent SMS messages - counter of total sent SMS messages, click on it to reset.

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