Real-time tracking

In GPS tracking mode you will see your current location on the map, or the last position when your GPS connection was active. When you click on the pointer of your icon on the map you will see extra information about it.

History track review and reports

The history of your tracks can be put on the map with addition information, such as time/speed graph, stops, reports, etc. There is also possibility to generate group reports for your objects.


Server can generate and send you notifications via email or with a pop-up window, when something happens. That kind of events might be when you enter or exit geofence area, violate speed limit or press SOS button on your GPS unit.

Additional tools

You can search for addresses from the search panel, check coordinates. Also you can use tools for calculating distances between places on the map and etc.


With Geofences you are able to make a virtual perimeter on geographic areas that have specific interest for you. The main reason to have Geofences is to control whether the units stays within it or not, so that when the geofencing unit enters or exits the area a notification is generated.

User settings

Possibility to add GPS tracking devices on your own. Customizable user settings.


POI (Points of Interest) allow you to put markers at the locations that might be interesting or useful. You can also name the place, add short description and attach an image to it.

Admin panel

Once you host or build your own GPS tracking server, you will get access to privileged administration panel.

It’s easy to start using GPS-server.net, just few steps that will let you to explore the benefits: