Frequently asked questions

This FAQ is related to Personal account subscription service. Contents may change due to service terms change or software updates without any notice.

1 How does the 14 day trial work?

Account registration takes just several minutes. Trial period starts at the moment of adding object to account. Every added object can be used for 14 days. You will have access to all features without any limits during trial period.

2 What happens after trial period expires?

After trial period expiration object status changes to inactive. To continue using our service, subscribe to Personal account plan or request an individual quote. If objects are not activated within 30 days, account and associated data will be deleted from our service.

3 How does subscription plan work?

Each subscription plan contains the number of licenses that can be used for object activation. One license allows to activate one object for one year. Unused subscription plan licenses never expire and can be used at any time.

4 Can I move subscription plan to a different account?

Subscription plan is assigned to your account, however under certain circumstances you can request to move it to a new account, just contact us.

5 Can I replace GPS device?

Sometimes GPS device can be lost, damaged or broken, don't worry, you can delete if safely. License won't be lost, it will be automatically brought back to billing section, including period left.

6 Do I need new account for new subscription plan?

An unlimited number of subscription plans can be assigned to the same account.

7 Are there any additional or hidden fees?

There are no any additional or hidden fees for Personal account use. The only payment is for subscription plan. However your GPS device needs to have an Internet connection to send position data. The most common option is to use a data subscription mobile network. Most dedicated GPS devices include a mobile data module that use standard SIM cards.

8 How to subscribe?

There are two ways to order subscription plan:
  • Buy plan in Personal account section. Purchased plan will be added to account during 24 hours.
  • Buy plan in your account. Press green button (Billing) in top right corner of account. Plan will be automatically added to account within couple of minutes.

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