Approximate 4.0 version development timeline

We are glad to announce that work on GPS-server 4.0 version has started.
Long awaited successor of well known and widely used GPS Tracking Software.

4.0 solutions will deliver new look and feel, better user experience, improved performance and better support for all type of GPS devices, mobile phones and tablets.

2018, January
GPS device protocol listeners
Code refactoring of existing TCP/UDP protocol listeners and latest protocols implementation
2018, April
Database, API and documentation
Improved database structure, fully re-designed and well documented API (PHP, JS and REST)
2018, July
Server services
Refactoring of server side services and events to improve performance and security
2018, October
UI and UX
Newly designed user interface to improve user experience
2019, January
Web based version release
Final release of web based version, beta version will be released earlier
2019, April
Mobile applications release
Final release of Android and iOS native applications, beta version will be released earlier
2019, July
Something revolutionary
Connection to a blockchain, more to be announced in first quarter of 2019 year

Software update for 2.x and 3.x versions will be supported keeping all collected data and settings. Till 4.0 version is released, 3.x version will get latest updates with new features, bug-fixes and support for GPS devices.

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